Formed in 1991 with the objective of providing a high standard of Christian Education in local state high schools, the NCEA now employs Elizabeth Harnwell to work at Hornsby Girls' High School, and Tony Jones to work at Normanhurst Boys' High School. Both are employed on a part-time basis and teach using the Youthworks Think Faith Curriculum (see below for how this looks in each school). They are authorised to teach Special Religious Education (SRE) by The Anglican Diocese of Sydney which is an approved provider of SRE in NSW public schools. The NCEA is administered by a Management Committee representing six local churches and supported by eleven churches in the area (these churches are listed with details on the homepage). The annual budget is approximately $110,000.

HGHS SRE Program: Think Faith Curriculum: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AmFI5FLNh_Zlj1yALtRJdQ6Ek2Uz

NBHS SRE Program: Think Faith Curriculum: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AmFI5FLNh_Zlj3BtkLHLtWtmntlX?e=QnUral

  • Elizabeth Harnwell
    Elizabeth Harnwell

    Elizabeth Harnwell, a well qualified and experienced teacher, is the part-time SRE teacher at Hornsby Girls High.

    I am so thankful to God for my years teaching SRE at Hornsby Girls High School. I hope to teach girls about the goodness of God, his Word, and what it means to follow Him. I hope to shine a light at Hornsby Girls High School so all the girls have the opportunity to meet Jesus and see that he is our Lord and Saviour.
  • Tony Jones
    Tony Jones

    Tony Jones has a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Divinity. He is a former selective high school student himself, and has been teaching SRE at Normanhurst Boys since 2014.

    I hope that SRE will be a chance for students to take the opportunity to think about religion and belief, in particular, what they themselves believe and why, and what impact this has on their lives. In doing so, I hope to show how the truth of the Gospel shines brighter than all other beliefs; impacting the way that all of us live both now and into eternity.